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Quando usate Facebook, Youtube, o leggete la vostra casella di posta elettronica on-line, state utilizzando un'applicazione web, ovvero un software che non risiede fisicamente sul Vostro computer ma sul web, e che è quindi raggiungibile da qualsiasi terminale connesso ad internet.
Atlogica, sposando in pieno questa filosofia, promuove la realizzazione di applicazioni gestionali, archivi documentali, intranet aziendali, piattaforme di affiliazione, social network ecc., che sfruttino a pieno le potenzialità del web.

The new user manager will let you manage who has access to what in your site. You can leave access groups exactly the way you had them in Joomla 1.5 or make them as complicated as you want. You can learn more about how access control works in on the Joomla! Documentation site

In Joomla 1.5 and 1.0 content was organized into sections and categories. From 1.6 forward sections are gone, and you can create categories within categories, going as deep as you want. The sample data provides many examples of the use of nested categories.

All layouts have been redesigned to improve accessibility and flexibility. 

Updating your site and extensions when needed is easier than ever thanks to installer improvements.


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